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Why did it bloom, if it’s going to wither?

By | January 24, 2017

There is a new flower in my garden. It is soothing to watch it blooming. But it will wither and go back to soil by evening or so.. Then why did it bloom initially..?

Oh God, Please help me

By | October 11, 2016

I am not quite sure, if I believe in God. Yes, I do pray, go to worship places. Does it all mean that I am a devotee of God? So far, I didn’t dare to question the existence of God. Maybe I was confused. If I say something against God, will it cause any trouble… Read More »

Question of the day

By | July 29, 2016

Where our dead self goes after death?


By | June 28, 2016

I felt a cold breeze approaching me. It covered me. Took me to the heaven of memories. There I saw my grandma (passed away 3 years back ) cheerfully sitting. Hmm.. my super natural experiences,  limited here..all my imaginations. I wish if I could experience it really. It will be there, isn’t it? What will happen to our… Read More »

Who am I ?

By | May 26, 2016

I know my name, my whereabouts, my life, my love, everything… But I don’t know my soul.. I am in quest of the eternal self.. Definitely one day I will. With my eyes and ears closed, with all my senses sealed, I may attain that realization. Will I lose my love when I reach that point..?… Read More »

What should I Pray?

By | December 17, 2015

I used to have a list of concerns to discuss with God during my pray time. But nowadays I feel a kind of blankness.. Nothing to pray. Am I becoming a sage? Hmm .. No chance. 🙂 I guess this state may be for a few days only, as I’m experiencing this not for the… Read More »