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Is ‘Now’ an illusion ?

By | October 5, 2016

Start living your life in the present. Forget the regrets about the past and anxieties about the future. Simply enjoy what’s happening now. These statements are something which we often hear.But my question is “Does ‘present’ exist really?” Say, you are reading this now.. In fact you are not.. Since light rays take a finite… Read More »

The conspiracies of the universe

By | September 8, 2016

Many conspiracies in this universe.. Many unknown fields…influencing us a lot. I’m not talking about the astrological fields, but about the scientifical ones. May be we are straightaway feeling the effect of gravity only. These three invisible fields- voltage, gravitational and magnetic– does them summarise the entire thing in this universe..? Don’t ask why didn’t I add… Read More »

I am becoming a fan of electrons

By | July 10, 2016

Yes, with each passing day, I respect you, I adore you, and I am becoming fan of you my dear electrons…

Electromagnetic mind

By | July 7, 2016

I woke up at 2 AM. Was very thirsty. Took my water bottle from the bedside table. Damn it.. no water at all. Being hesitant to go to kitchen, I tried to make my eyes asleep. But didn’t work. Eyes are wide open awaiting water. So got up and went to kitchen. Filled my water bottle… Read More »


By | July 6, 2016

I am feeling a kind of blankness or what should I call it ? Is it ‘timelessness’ ? My mind seems to have stopped talking to me.. What did I do? Why am I feeling a vacuum everywhere? Or Is this a good symbol..? Or Did any ghosts catch me after reading my previous post  ‘Ghosts‘… Read More »

Do we really exist?

By | June 29, 2016

Are we real? I know you will be thinking whether I am out of order today. I am perfectly okay. My sense organs are not damaged, yet. I can feel , I can hear, I can write, yes earth also feels me through its gravitational field. I am understanding what I am experiencing.. But the greater… Read More »

Am I a bit psychic..?

By | May 28, 2016

Am I a bit psychic…? Yesterday one of my blogging friends, Dhiraj of extinct0703 expressed his wonder whether I am a psychology student doing PHD or an IT professional..? Yes, I would have preferred to be a psychology student. Or rather I am even now, without any degrees in psychology. I donno how I got deviated from my… Read More »

Invisible, but acting upon us

By | May 4, 2016

There are many things in the universe which are not visible. But we are forced to believe their existence. We , the great Homo Sapiens build so many mathematical functions to prove the existence of these invisible things. And I wonder how these mathematical functions became a part of the universe and shaped it’s form. I… Read More »

I am becoming a fan of electrons

By | April 9, 2016

Can you imagine how greedy your rubber soled shoes are? Greedy for money?? No, no.. They are greedy for electrons; yes the so called fundamental particles in the universe. You might have experienced this greediness many a times. While you walk across the wool carpet in your office corridor (assuming you are not charged), wearing… Read More »

Atoms- The building blocks

By | January 14, 2016

May I open my eyes to a secret which always puzzle me? Atoms – they are the basis of this wonderful universe. It is said that there are millions and millions of atoms in our body. Once they combine and work together ‘you’ become ‘you’ and ’I’ become ‘I’.  But unfortunately none of these atoms… Read More »