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I am Akhila, the founder of wordsandnotion.com and qualitynotion.com

In total I have written over 600 plus articles. And published books in both English and Malayalam.

Writing on Areas of Interests Only

I am most passionate about writing self-help contents. My self-help articles are totally derived from the world around me (with my secret mantra) which includes my own experiences too.

Also I love decoding signs from the universe and interested in writing female behaviors and love bytes. I write in Malayalam also.

A few samples of my blog writings

What if I die at this moment?

Happiness Hormones

How to deal with “You’ve changed a lot”

Published works

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Mantra of my writing: “Observe, Don’t just see”

Inspiring readers to “Think different, Question Everything, Break the norm and Say no to limits while being authentic to the true self”