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Relationships.. a lot of work..???

By | January 26, 2018

People come and leave our life while some are glued to our hearts. It’s easy to be among strangers as there is no obligations, no demands, no expectations etc etc [Read about “The comfort while being with strangers“]. But when it’s about the glued ones, there is some sort of happiness and at the same… Read More »

What others think

By | September 21, 2017

Do you worry too much about what others think of you ?  Do you always try to become that likable type or wish at least not to become the hateable ones? Obviously it is very human nature. Exceptions are there, like the don’t care types. But everyone cannot be that don’t care types. They are… Read More »


By | August 28, 2017

“Alone you can do anything, but You should not look for attention You should not long for care, and You should not ask for support.”

Why is it so hard for men?

By | May 9, 2017

You are caring… Then why can’t you showcase it and make her feel valued, with a small gesture? The little pleasures matters a lot….  

Monday Notion

By | May 8, 2017

The one who care you the most, pretend to be rude once in a while.  Be with them and never leave to make them feel sad.

She was abused..

By | April 12, 2017

She was tormented physically and mentally. But she survived even while being on the emotional edges. She stood her grounds. She proved that she will survive even with a new born baby in her hands. She can’t shut all mouths around her. But she kept her chin always up. There are many such She’s around… Read More »

3 Days Quote Challenge- Day 3

By | June 7, 2016

Here comes my third day Quote in this 3 days Quote challenge. Thank you perfectblemish13 for this nomination. The rules: • 3 Days challenge with quotes on each day • 3 Nominees each day, not repetitive. My nominees: Akshitha saalai kamalathaai voiceofastranger Here comes my todays Quote. Let me link it to one of my earlier posts, Healthy mind… Read More »

Shhhhh..The mystery revealed

By | May 6, 2016

Vignesh was addicted to Jeni always. He was willing to meet her needs always. He had his own opinions and thoughts and definitely always stood upon his shoes. Still he listened to her always. I wondered what made him so much addicted to her… Is it because of her caring? Is she so good at heart? And finally, Shhhhh..The mystery… Read More »