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Either on the chest of the teacher or outside the field

By | October 21, 2017

“You need to make it to 30 plus to avail the discount” And I ordered 30 copies hoping for a discount…I overlooked it to be 30 or more as the limit for discount…. ……………….. “The venue is at Kottakkal Ayurveda college” And she thought it to be Kottakal Aryavydyasala and reached at wrong place. Another… Read More »

Winning people over

By | September 19, 2017

Janaki didn’t like what Vyshnavi was doing. In her views it was totally rubbish. And Vyshanavi didn’t care much. She just went on quietly though she was a little sad.  Janaki never missed a chance to depreciate Vyshanavi’s act whenever possible. Whenever something goes wrong with V , J said “This is why I told… Read More »

No more blames or excuses

By | July 11, 2017

“Will do that for sure if everything gets settled in” Oh it’s so nice of me to assure her ..isn’t it..? If I couldn’t, always blame upon the circumstances only..I am saved..hmm, how clever I am… …… Okay, what is the point in surrendering to the circumstances if one has a purpose in hand? Circumstances… Read More »

Work when it's not easy..

By | June 13, 2017

The favourable ambiance marks the difference between “Just get it done” and “Get it done better” It’s easy to go ahead when everything is favorable. And then things are just accomplished. No more thoughts, no more questions, no more answers, just done in the way it is expected. Now what happens when it’s not easy,… Read More »