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By | January 8, 2018

I may skip in between, but I won’t ever stop fully

Regular doses of hugs & kisses

By | February 2, 2017

Something haunting her From the bottom of heart She is so restive that she Can’t bear this anymore. Among the various whys Strained to find the best fit Nothing in step with her pain She is drowned in deep love. Her soul is burning to no end No one can pacify her heart’s fuss All… Read More »

Short term memories

By | October 15, 2016

“Oh I feel that I have missed something. I am quite sure; I have left something unattended in my memory. Can’t recollect it.. But it was something really important” Many a times, I faced this situation.. Even facing now.. But nowadays, seems the frequency got a little reduced 😉 My secret, “first of all notice… Read More »