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Some Poetry types: Haiku, Tanka, Senryu, Limerick, Sonnet, Ballad, Cinquain

By | September 24, 2021

What is a Haiku? 3 line poem lines following *5-7-5 format capturing the beauty of a moment poems on nature no need to rhyme *5-7-5 is the syllable count of each line (first line with 5 syllable, second line with 7 syllable and third line with 5 syllable) Haiku Examples bougainvillea seeds, resilient and wild;… Read More »

Covid Vaccination & Reactions: Senryu

By | June 20, 2021

chilly nights tone up burning eyes under blankets vaccine influences #covishield I posted this Senryu (5-7-5 poetry) just to remind one thing specifically! There could be some reactions after any vaccination (not just covid vaccines). That’s quite common and normal responses to vaccines. Nothing to be panic, but just make yourself equipped with food and… Read More »