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Time Dilation

By | November 8, 2016

Seconds are too significant while compared to distance. Does it sound a little bit weird? Comparing time and distance on a same scale? That too with dominance of time over distance.. I’ am alright; nothing has gone wrong with me when I said it. But I happened to be in my own space station where my… Read More »

Is ‘Now’ an illusion ?

By | October 5, 2016

Start living your life in the present. Forget the regrets about the past and anxieties about the future. Simply enjoy what’s happening now. These statements are something which we often hear.But my question is “Does ‘present’ exist really?” Say, you are reading this now.. In fact you are not.. Since light rays take a finite… Read More »

Woman – Kitchen lovers..?

By | September 17, 2016

Thought to give an extra emphasis on this…… If you are the cook at home, make it fast. Just find out the unseen extra time. Use your time more productively. Make new wonders in the world!! ————————————————————————————————————- Do you think that woman are kitchen lovers..? Normally it is assumed that kitchen is the woman’s place. It’s just a… Read More »