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The weirdness of literally feeling with others

By | September 26, 2021

Have you experienced this weirdness of “literally feeling with others”, moving yourself into someone’s mind and reading what they are thinking as well feeling what they are feeling? I am not talking about projecting your thoughts into someone’s, but the other way where you are grabbing their thoughts, feeling and experiencing it to be yours.… Read More »

A true story behind a poem submission

By | September 19, 2021

Feel so good that my poem titled “I won’t retire” is (not) published in the anthology “Found A Proverb” by Poets’ Choice. Don’t be surprised. The poem is literally not published. The story goes like this, A true story behind a poem submission I got an accepted message for one of my poem submissions (A… Read More »

 “I just don’t have enough time” – A big white lie

By | September 1, 2021

“I just don’t have enough time” – A big white lie It’s a big fat lie if you tell, “I just don’t have enough time”. [So what’s your state on time? – Finding time to do things or doing things to kill time?] So something which I would love to share with you is You… Read More »

Deciphering my love language- Poetry

By | August 20, 2021

My love language is as firm as a hard algorithm, meant for only him but kind of illiterate failing to express hiding a lot within Still he deciphers my encrypted heart getting into my ciphered mind, It is amazing how he catches the decipher codes and decodes my racing beats! That tranquility is what makes… Read More »

Negativity- Overcome the bias and stop spreading

By | June 30, 2021

Negativity sells everywhere. Do you know how cleverly the negativity creeps into your thoughts even while idealistic thoughts were ruling your brain? You won’t even realize that you are being negative and spreading such negative thoughts. At the epitome of emotions, the negative words out of your mouth have the potential to reach many ears… Read More »

Me and not-me

By | March 21, 2021

Sometimes me turns into not-me. Whatever me won’t deny not-me Some thoughts can’t be avoided Sometimes you cannot find any logical or moral explanations to your random thoughts. “This was not me” thought peek into your mind from nowhere. Soon, the two versions of you compete with each other. Then just let them. Watch them… Read More »

Wear your soul – Stop being attention seeking

By | January 17, 2021

Attention Seeking It’s quite a human nature to seek for attention and care. But when you play the worst drama for catching the excessive amount of attention, you fall into that category of irksome attention seeking type.   When the drama is evident, my don’t care attitude towards the dramatists would become quickly prominent and… Read More »

Comfort matters, not just yours but theirs too

By | June 7, 2020

Comfort matters “Oh! No, please be outside of your comfort zone, everything you ever wanted is outside your comfort box” Is this what you wanna tell me right away on hearing this “Comfort matters” Well, no offense, but here the context is “about maintaining comfortable social interactions” So this is about “comfort of not just… Read More »

How can you see years into the past by looking at stars?

By | February 12, 2020

Look back in time – Look at stars There would be none who don’t get fantasized by the appearance of a night sky adorned with billions and billions of stars and the moon. We know that they are incredibly distant. So when you gaze at the stars at night, you are actually seeing light that… Read More »